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Lowongan Kerja PT Perfect Precision

PT Perfect Precision Engineering Indonesia is a highly versatile company specializing in precision manufacturing using advanced CNC machines for oil and gas, offshore, Marine, Energy, Aerospace &Semicon Industries.
We are looking for qualified candidate for the following position :

  1. CNC Machinist - QA / QC Engineer
  2. CNC Operator - Manual Machine Operator

Details Job :

  • Monitor and operate CNC (computer numerically controlled) lathe machines to cut metal parts for manufacturing. After given instructions and drawings, download the program, then perform test operations to ensure the product is made to specifications. Take over production of parts, run the machine, and monitor for problems.

Education & Experience:

  • High School Graduate or a Technical/Trade School or equivalent
  • 3 or more years of operating, setup, and/or programming CNC equipment

Duties & Skills Required:

  1. Performing set ups in FANUC / MITSUBISHI machines
  2. Operation and/or programming of CNC mills or lathes
  3. Understanding and editing of G and M-Codes
  4. Given raw material, drawing, and set up sheets for each individual job
  5. Place required holding devices (i.e. vise, fixture plate, chuck) on machine table or spindle
  6. Place raw material onto machine table, holding device, or chuck
  7. Clamp (attach) to machine table, holding device, or chuck
  8. Assemble required tools (from set up sheet) and place in appropriate tool holders
  9. Load tools and holders into machine tool in proper order
  10. Reference set up sheet, set origin (start point) into machine tool
  11. Download CNC program into machine tool
  12. Run program, observing tool paths for proper actions, and clearances
  13. Remove finished part from machine debur and inspection as required

Please send your application Letter / Email (Including recent colour photo) as soon as possible to:

Komplek Union Industrial Park Blok D No. 3C Kel. Tg. Sengkuang, Kec. BatuAmpar
Telp : 0778- 4800051
Email : Indoperfect2017@gmail.com

Lowongan Kerja PT Perfect Precision
Sumber:Tribun Batam, 8 September 2018

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