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Lowongan Kerja D3/S1 PT. Panasonic Industrial Devices Batam

Founded on a tradition of making things that make life easier as well as more enjoyable, Panasonic's universal and progressive solutions are widespread in many fields everywhere around the world.

In homes, businesses and industry, our innovations are also acknowledged for technological excellence and environmental awareness.

The global family continues to expand the areas it can contribute to for the future, sharing ideas and dreams with all aspiring individuals.

Production Assistant (PA) & Production Engineering (PE)
D3/S1 Electrical Enginering, Mechanical Engineering

* PA-Responsible for manpower control and productivity, yield/process improvement,
- Understanding line balancing,understanding PLC, Wiring and Mechatronic, though fresh graduates are welcome,
* PE-Responsible for handling machine setup, trouble shooting, repair and improvement activities,
- Experience in Preventive Maintenance or trouble shooting & Familiar with mechanical drawing.

All above positions candidate should be able to speak & writte in English.
Please send your application, resume, copy of qualification, SKCK,Ijazah,Akte kelahiran,Transkip and recent photograph to :

Human Resource Department

PT. Panasonic Industrial Devices Batam (PIDSG-BT)Puri Industrial Park 2000,
Kel. Baloi Permai Batam Centre. 29463
Email : pidbt_recruitment@sg.panasonic.com

Lowongan Kerja D3/S1 PT. Panasonic Industrial Devices Batam
sumber: tribun batam, Oktober 2017

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